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IIII m.ceolin

A naturalist, conceptualist, multidisciplinary artist, bookbinder, and arts educator, Matt Ceolin graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design (AOCAD) and the University of Windsor (MFA). His work comes out of a deep connectedness to the environment and is engaged in examining fluid processes of interacting with nature and ecology in pursuit of a more visceral sensibility of its portrayal. His studio practice is based in a terrestrial area in which he engages natural ecologies and entities, and from which he draws his materials. Matt's visual work has been exhibited at galleries in Canada and the United States. He has in the past few years begun working with the Icelandic landscape during recurring visits. Matt currently resides in the forests of Algoma, Canada where he is immersed in numerous projects in collaboration with the environment and its inhabitants..

photo coutesy of a.rawlings


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